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The Cottage Garden is one of the easiest and most beautiful styles of gardening there is! We started Graceful Gardens to make gardening economical because we couldn’t afford the high prices of plants when we needed lots of them to make a garden. We sell plants in full trays of 8 packs of your choosing. Every pack has 4 plants. You'll get a total of 32 plants in each tray. For $2.65 a plant, you can create a cottage garden full of Annuals, Perennials and our delightful Delphiniums! You will have a garden full of healthy and huge annual and perennial plants at a price that lets you buy all the flowers you need! When you compare our prices to other places, you will be amazed!

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Cottage Gardens are filled with free flowering perennials like Delphiniums, Hollyhocks, Digitalis, Lupines and so many more. Cottage gardens also contain carefree blooming Annuals like Cosmos, Cleome, and Snapdragons. Perennials have specific bloom periods and comeback every year. Annual plants bloom all season long and either need to be replanted or often reseed themselves and comeback next year. A cottage garden can never have too many perennial and annual flowers. Your flower garden will be a constant joy!


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We sell plants in trays of 8 packs. Every pack has 4 plants.

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