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Welcome to Graceful Gardens! We are the place for the home gardener to buy small quantities of mixed Perennial, Annual and Delphinium plants at wholesale prices.

How does it work? We sell our plants by the full tray. It's a pretty big tray! You get to pick out 8 different varieties of plants (or the same variety if you want!). They will be in packs with 4 plants in them. So, you get one big tray with 8 packs and each pack has 4 plants in it for a total of 32 plants. That can be $2.65 or less a plant. At most nurseries you might get 6 plants for our price of 32!

Our Philosophy: We treat you as we would like to be treated. We grow all the plants we sell, we ship them at the right time for your area, they have great root systems and we plant them in our own garden! 

What is a Cottage Garden? It's a garden with the easiest flowers to grow and there are no rules to follow! That's what we like, so that's what we sell!


Cottage Gardens are filled with free flowering perennials like Delphiniums, Hollyhocks, Digitalis, Lupines and so many more. Cottage gardens also contain carefree blooming Annuals like Cosmos, Cleome, and Snapdragons. Perennials have specific bloom periods and comeback every year. Annual plants bloom all season long and either need to be replanted or often reseed themselves and comeback next year. A cottage garden can never have too many perennial and annual flowers. Your flower garden will be a constant joy!

We do not ship to AK, CA, OR, WA, AZ or FL

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We sell plants in trays of 8 packs. Every pack has 4 plants.

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