If you need a lot of color fast, we also offer unique and old fashioned annuals plants. We've chosen annual flowers that are the easiest for you to grow, but often hard to seed yourself. Our annual plants have tremendous visual appeal, but are hard to come by at your local nursery. When you buy annual plants, they are grown in packs of four with each plant costing as little as $2.65 each! Annual plant packs can be mixed with your Delphinium and Perennial plant packs of your tray. 

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Ageratum Blue Horizon
1225. Ageratum Blue Horizon

The lively sky blue buttons of Ageratum Blue Horizon are clustered above their strong tall stems. They are a favorite of ours for cutting and a lovely annual Victorian addition. Find out more about Ageratum Blue Horizon here!

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Calendula Bon Bon
1234. Calendula Bon Bon

Every old cottage garden had the beautiful annual Calendula for its constant color, medicinal value and culinary virtues. Find out more about Calendula Bon Bon here!

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Centaurea Bachelor Buttons

Centaurea Classic Fantastic
1235. Centaurea Classic Fantastic

The brilliant blue of the Centaurea cornflower is probably the most eye catching annual flower a cottage garden can have. Find out more about Centaurea Classic Fantastic here!

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Cleome Cherry Queen
1240. Cleome Cherry Queen

Also known as the spider plant, the annual Cleome Cherry Queen produces dramatic and lacy balls of cherry and rose-white flowers. Find out more about Cleome Cherry Queen here!

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Cleome Sparkler Mix
1241. Cleome Sparkler Mix

This is a bushier version of the annual Cleome with blooms coming from every direction. Find out more about Cleome Sparkler Mix here!

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Cosmos Double Click
1257. Cosmos Double Click

The intense colored blossoms of the annual Cosmos Double Click are wrapped with frilly layers of petals for a magnificent bloom. Find out more about Cosmos Double Click here!

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Cosmos Versailles
1260. Cosmos Versailles

Giant 4" blooms with broad petals in vibrant shades of pink, crimson and white flowers. Find out more about Cosmos Versailles here!

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Datura Belle Blanche
1280. Datura Belle Blanche

The huge tubular bells of these old Victorian plants bring fragrant romance back into the garden. Find out more about Datura Belle Blanche here!

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Gazania Kiss Frosty Red
1281. Gazania Kiss Frosty Red

Bright red flowers top the silvery foliage, of what has long been known as the annual “treasure” flower. Find out more about Gazania Kiss Frosty Red here!

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Heliotrope Marine
1290. Heliotrope Marine

Deep purple fragrant flowers bloom profusely all summer. Find out more about Heliotrope Marine here!

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Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue
1330. Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue

A mass of brilliant tiny blue flowers make Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue irresistible. Find out more about Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue here!

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Marigold Bonanza Harmony - NEW!
1354. Marigold Bonanza Harmony - NEW!

 A lovely French marigold with flower petals of gold trimmed in red. Find out more about the Marigold Bonanza Harmony here!

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Marigold Safari Bolero
1355. Marigold Safari Bolero

Resilient and colorful, marigolds are an old tradition. Use marigolds to keep the color coming all season long. Find out more about Marigold Safari Bolero here!

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Marigold Tangerine Gem
1370. Marigold Tangerine Gem

Tiny lemon scented flowers with color of a fresh tangerine. Find out more about Marigold Tangerine Gem here!

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Morning Glory

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott
1390. Morning Glory Grandpa Ott

A vine with shimmering deep blue/purple flowers and a burgundy star at its center. Find out more about Morning Glory Grandpa Ott here!

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Morning Glory Heavenly Blue
1400. Morning Glory Heavenly Blue

These vines have large cheerful sky-blue blooms with creamy white throats. Find out more about Morning Glory Heavenly Blue here!

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Nasturtium Alaska
1410. Nasturtium Alaska

This variety has lovely variegated foliage with trumpet shaped blossoms in brilliant colors. Find out more about Nasturtium Alaska here!

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Nasturtium Princess of India
1430. Nasturtium Princess of India

These Nasturtiums have a compact bundle of vibrant red blooms and dark green foliage. Find out more about Nasturtium Princess of India here!

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Nicotiana Perfume
1450. Nicotiana Perfume

These are full of colorful upward facing flowers of rose, red, and lime with a delicate scent. Find out more about Nicotiana Perfume here!

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Nicotiana Only the Lonely
1460. Nicotiana Only the Lonely

An elegant flower that produce multiple white trumpet shaped blooms with a heavenly scent. Find out more about Nicotiana Only the Lonely here!

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Nicotiana Whisper
1461. Nicotiana Whisper

A colorful random mix of perfumed bells, they bloom profusely all season, even after the first frosts. Find out more about Nicotiana Whisper here!

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Petunia Daddy Mix - NEW!
1533. Petunia Daddy Mix - NEW!

Every garden deserves a Petunia and the Petunia "Daddy Mix" has all the virtues you want from a flower: sustained beauty with little care. Find out more about Petunia Daddy Mix here!

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Salpiglossis Royale Mix
1540. Salpiglossis Royale Mix

The trumpet shaped blooms contains some of the most unusual and intricate colors and designs of all the garden plants. Find out more about Salpiglossis Royale Mix here!

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Salvia Victoria
1550. Salvia Victoria

A Fleuroselect winner, they have intense blue-violet spikes on compact plants. Find out more about Salvia Victoria here!

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Salvia Hummingbird Lady In Red - NEW!
1559. Salvia Hummingbird Lady In Red - NEW!

Masses of small trumpet shaped blooms that hummingbirds love the best! Find out more about Salvia Hummingbird Mix here!

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Scabiosa Mourning Bride
1572. Scabiosa Mourning Bride

The petals form a ball with the yellow stamen protruding from each petal appearing like pins in a cushion. Find out more about Scabiosa Mourning Bride here!

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Snapdragon Madame Butterfly - New!
1589. Snapdragon Madame Butterfly - New!

breathtaking flower for the cottage garden, the lacey double flowered Madame Butterfly Snapdragon is a brillant way to keep the garden alive all season long. Find out more about Snapdragon Madame Butterfly here!

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Snapdragons Rocket Mix
1590. Snapdragons Rocket Mix

Traditional, tall, annual“Snaps” in a fabulous mix of colors. Find out more about Snapdragons Rocket Mix here!

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Stock Vintage Mix
1620. Stock Vintage Mix

A hardy annual with a delicious perfume emitted in the morning, evening, and after a rain shower. Find out more about Stock Vintage Mix here!

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