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If you need a lot of color fast, we also offer unique and old fashioned annuals. We've chosen the ones that are the easiest for you to grow, but often hard to seed yourself. Our annuals have tremendous visual appeal, but are hard to come by at your local nursery. They are grown in packs of four All plants are grown in packs of four with each plant costing as little as $2.65 each! They can be mixed with your perennial order. 

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 Graceful Gardens


The lively and beautiful sky blue buttons, are clustered above strong tall stems. A favorite of ours for cutting, easy to grow, prolific, and a lovely Victorian addition.

Ageratum Blue Horizon- NEW
1225. Ageratum Blue Horizon- NEW

My old favorite is back because it really does everything I want in the garden. The powder blue button blooms grow on 30” strong stems. Cut them for your vase and they still keep coming. We also get lots of butterflies landing on ours especially in the fall during their final migrations. The deer have never bothered ours. Annuals.         

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Centaurea Bachelor Buttons

The brilliant blue of the cornflower is probably the most eye catching flower a cottage garden can have. It is easy to grow and its playful nature makes it perfect for the cottage garden.

Centaurea Classic Fantastic
1235. Centaurea Classic Fantastic

The beautiful blue bachelor button gives the cottage garden that dash of fascination and color we are always looking for.  As its name implies, the variety has fantastic shades of blue that are also tall enough for cutting and will reseed like a perennial to keep you in blue blooms for years to come.

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Tall, airy, and graceful,these plants are adorned with huge flower clusters that open daily. They love lots of sun and are drought and heat tolerant. They fill out the back of the border beautifully or can stand on their own.

Cleome Cherry Queen
1240. Cleome Cherry Queen

An excellent cut flower at 3-4 ft. tall in our favorite shade of deep rose. Annuals.  

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Cleome Royal Queen Mix
1250. Cleome Royal Queen Mix

A pretty mix that can include cherry, pink, violet or white. Annuals.

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 Coleus are Victorian treasures that bring rich deep colors to the shady parts of the garden. They are plants that I grew up with indoors and out and are so easy to grow in shady areas.

Coleus Carefree Mix
1254. Coleus Carefree Mix

 We love the Carefree Coleus because of their ruffled and lobed leaves and many stunning colors of jade, gold, red, and many pastels. They grow to about a foot high and are self branching.  

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Coleus Wizard Mosaic - NEW!
1255. Coleus Wizard Mosaic - NEW!

I sought this variety out when I saw the color pattern on the leaves in a mix that I grew. Its vivid green leaves have speckles and bursts of ruby red coloring with no two leaves alike! The Wizard Series does well in sun or shade, in heat or humidity and in the garden or pots. I love lining my shady porch with them!  

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To enjoy these beautiful flowers all season long, it is best to transplant them. If you start them from seed in the garden, you'll miss half the blooms! The intense colorful daisy-like blooms are profuse with delicate foliage. Tall, radiant and graceful flowers.

Cosmos Double Click - NEW!
1257. Cosmos Double Click - NEW!

If only the scientists who develop these new varieties knew how to name them to reflect their true beauty! One of the first things you’ll notice about this plant is that the flowers are semi-double and double of various shades of carmine, pink and white. They are elegantly tall at four feet.

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Cosmos Versailles
1260. Cosmos Versailles

Giant 4" blooms with broad petals in vibrant shades of pink, crimson and white flowers cover extra sturdy stems. Grow 4 ft. and make an excellent cut flower. Annuals. 

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The huge tubular bells of these old Victorian plants bring fragrant romance back into the garden. Handsome and easy to grow.

Datura Belle Blanche
1280. Datura Belle Blanche

Magnificent pearl white 7 in. fragrant blooms on plants reaching 3 ft. high. Grown 4 plants to the pack. Sometimes called Moon flower. Annuals. 

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These vintage, deep lavender flowers are making a comeback in the American garden. Understandably, as they toss a delicious fragrance of cherries into the sultry summer air.

Heliotrope Marine
1290. Heliotrope Marine

Deep purple blue flowers spreading 12 to 18 inches tall and wide. They bloom profusely all summer. Annuals.  

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Hibiscus like flowers adorn this season long bloomer. The vibrant pink flowers continued to bloom in our garden long into October!

Lavetera Twins Pink - NEW!
1321. Lavetera Twins Pink - NEW!

This old cottage garden favorite has had a makeover and its now lovelier than ever. It’s a bushier and stockier annual covered with bold satiny flowers. It stays that way in your pots for an easy to care for deck plant or put it in the garden where it can spread its wings a bit and can keep the garden alive with color.

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A mass of brilliant tiny blue flowers make these plants irresistible. We fill our window boxes with them, mix them through the garden edges, and in pots by themselves.

Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue
1330. Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue

A trailing form that is excellent for baskets, window boxes, pots, or wherever you want this true blue flower to ramble free. Annuals.  

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Marigolds date back to before Victorian times. The aromatic leaves, feathery and fern-like, also repel deer and many insects. They are exceptionally easy to grow and look beautiful all season long.

Marigold Durango Bolero
1350. Marigold Durango Bolero

Absolutely beautiful colors. 2 1/2" yellow flowers are speckled with red creating constant color for pots, boxes or the garden border. Grows 10-12" tall. Annuals.  

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Marigold Queen Sophia – NEW!
1351. Marigold Queen Sophia – NEW!

A lovely French marigold with russet-red flowers trimmed in a gold that grows so easily in the garden giving a constant flourish of color. The plant is only a foot tall but the flower heads are big and showy at 3” wide. You can find a place for them anywhere in the flower garden or their size makes them ideal for pots as well.  

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Marigold paprika gem – NEW!
1369. Marigold paprika gem – NEW!

This flower is hot! I never knew how beautiful red and orange could be until I saw it on this dainty and profuse petite flower. And the aroma? Well maybe not like paprika but very nice indeed!  

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Marigold Tangerine Gem
1370. Marigold Tangerine Gem

Lemon scented with color of a fresh tangerine that adds vibrancy to the garden or a clay pot. Annuals.  

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Morning Glory

This popular American classic is easy to grow and tolerates low fertility. Let it ramble up a rural mailbox, porch trellis, or lamp post where it smothers the object with large saucer shaped blooms. 

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott
1390. Morning Glory Grandpa Ott

Thank goodness this heritage variety has recently resurfaced. It has shimmering deep blue/purple flowers with a burgundy star at its center. The coloring is truly spectacular. Another wonderful aspect of this flower is that it initiates blooms very early in the season and continues until the frost. Annuals.   

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Morning Glory Heavenly Blue
1400. Morning Glory Heavenly Blue

Large cheerful sky-blue blooms and creamy white throats. Fast-growing, large vines with attractive foliage. Height 8'. Easy to grow. Grows best in full sun. Blooms later in the season and into fall. A classic American favorite. Annuals.  

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Thanks to our daughter Esperanza, who has her own growing projects, Nasturtiums are now a regular feature in our garden. They have all the features you want in a plant: carefree, edible, and most importantly colorful vibrant flowers. They quickly fill an area with lush tropical growth with plenty of extra to add zing to your salad with the leaves and flowers. 

Nasturtium Alaska
1410. Nasturtium Alaska

This variety has lovely variegated foliage with trumpet shaped blossoms in brilliant colors of yellow, cherry, salmon and crimson. Another favorite of hummingbirds. Can grow in full sun or part shade. Annuals.

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Nasturtium Princess of India
1430. Nasturtium Princess of India

The Empress had a daughter, the Princess and she is even more beautiful in her compact bundle of vibrant blooms and dark foliage. The hummingbirds love the endless scarlet flowers that adorn them effortlessly all season long. Annual.   

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This is an ornamental species of tobacco. Sweet smelling, pest-free, the 2- 1/2 " star shaped flowers bloom in profusion all summer long and right into the hard frosts of fall. They enjoy sun or shade and especially the summer humidity.

Nicotiana Only the Lonely
1460. Nicotiana Only the Lonely

Their fragrance is glorious, drifting through the evening air all summer long. Elegant at 5 ft. with multiple white trumpet shaped blooms. Annuals.    

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Nicotiana Whisper
1461. Nicotiana Whisper

A colorful random mix of perfumed bells that bloom profusely all season, even after the first frosts. At 30 inches, they fit nicely in any garden spot. Annuals.   

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The cheerful faces of the pansy family have been a cottage garden mainstay since before Victorian times. We've chosen varieties that combines old fashion style with performance and grow persistently well in all climates.

Pansy Monet Mix
1495. Pansy Monet Mix

Don't we all dream about our gardens having a touch of Monet's artistic flair? There is something about the gentle painted faces of the Monet Mix blossoms that help keep the imagination flowing all the way from his garden in Giverny!  On the practical side, enjoy their Delta attributes of big long lasting blooms and hardy plants. 

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Pansy Colossus - NEW!
1501. Pansy Colossus - NEW!

Here is a large pansy with a smiling face that looks straight up at you! It has a compact habit that resists stretching and survives the frosts of spring and fall. We created our own mix of the three colors that we liked the best: Deep blue, Neon violet and rose with a blotch.  

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Pansy Majestic – NEW!
1502. Pansy Majestic – NEW!

They don’t get any larger than the flowers on the Majestic Pansy! They will stay in bloom in the coolness of a shady area during summer and get totally recharged in the fall. Again, we have created our own mix of the three colors that we liked the best: Marine, Ocean and Rose.  

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Pansy Mammoth-NEW!
1504. Pansy Mammoth-NEW!

Just like the name implies, the Mammoth Pansy has a huge colorful flower. They have a strong branching habit so fill in the garden space nicely and are stretch resistant which helps during the warmer weather. The colors we have chosen in this custom mix is Bluetiful, Sangria Punch, and Pink Berry.  

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Pansy Water Color Mix
1511. Pansy Water Color Mix

Watercolor pansies have large, heat tolerant flowers. The color mix is straight out of a Monet painting with a blend of subtle blues, pink shades, primrose, lavender blue shades and pure white. Annuals. 

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Although some consider this a common flower, its American roots go way back to the 1830's and by 1870 the grandiflora types were offered. One of easiest plants to grow, they fill the garden with color all summer long.

Petunia Dolcissima
1531. Petunia Dolcissima

A beautiful name for a flower, meaning, gentle and sweet. The Italians got it right with these prolific ruffled flowers. The plants grow to about 10 inches high so are great for window boxes, baskets, as well as the garden. The color assortment with shades of pinks, yellows and a combination of the two. Annuals. 

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The trumpet shaped blooms contain some of the most unusual and intricate colors and designs of all the garden plants. Miss Lippencotts garden catalog from 1896 describes them as such: "The metallic gloss and distinct veining of the petals present almost the appearance of jeweled enamel." The throats of these flowers are veined in yellow; the flower cups are red, yellow, orange, rose, purple, or mustard.

Salpiglossis Royale mix
1540. Salpiglossis Royale mix

“Royale” has a stunning combination colors on trumpet flowers. The veins are often contrasting colors creating a truly exotic wonder. They grow to 18 in. They bloom all summer. Annuals. 

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These hardy annuals come in many habits and colors. We've chosen two distinctly different varieties though each has its own remarkable qualities.

Salvia Victoria
1550. Salvia Victoria

Fleuroselect winners for their intense blue-violet spikes on compact plants. They are 18" high and 14" wide. The lovely blue flowers continued to give our garden color right into November. Annuals.  

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Salvia Hummingbird Mix
1560. Salvia Hummingbird Mix

Provides masses of small trumpet shaped blooms that hummingbirds love! A random blend of varietal colors including Coral Nymph, Lady in Red, Snow Nymph and Forest Fire. Grows to 12-15". Hardy in the South. Annuals. 

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An absolutely stunning and exquisite flower that everyone will inquire about. The petals form a round ball with the yellow stamen protruding from each petal appearing like pins in a cushion. Prefers full sun. Sold in packs of 4 plants.

Scabiosa Mourning Bride
1572. Scabiosa Mourning Bride

This strain of Scabiosa has been especially selected for its tall 32" strong wiry stems and a mix of 7 bright colors for the garden and for cutting. They bloom all summer long and last well past the frost. The deer just ignore them in my garden. They have the kind of unique and beautiful blooms that your friends will want to know all about.  

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Among all the annuals of the cottage garden, this one is the queen. It is so hard to find the tall varieties at nurseries. We offer our favorites for the garden, both grow to 30" tall.

Snapdragons Rocket Mix
1590. Snapdragons Rocket Mix

We chose a mix because all the colors are so beautiful and useful that we could not decide on just a few. Growing 30-36" tall, they are heat tolerant and bloom all summer in a wide range of colors including: Red, orchid, lemon, rose, and cherry. It seems the more we cut, the more they bloom. Annuals.

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Snapdragon LaBella
1592. Snapdragon LaBella

The LaBella has an open butterfly type blossom that gives it a big showy bloom. The branching starts low so it makes a great cut flower and the stems are strong and tall enough for cutting but not too tall to fall over. There's an amazing assortment of colors that include red, bronze, light pink, pink, yellow, white, purple, red & white, lavender, and rose.  

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Hardy annuals with a delicious perfume emitted in the morning, evening, and after a rain shower. They form branching columns of double blooms. Excellent performance in beds and borders as well as for cut flowers. Grown 4 plants to the pack.

Stock Vintage Mix
1620. Stock Vintage Mix

Traditionally grown in cooler climes, hence it's frequent use in English gardens. This newly developed form withstands heat so we can enjoy the fragrant blooms all summer. Offered in antique shades of rose, blue, carmine, yellow, red, and lilac Grows a foot high. Annuals.  

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