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Deer Repellent Plants

Over the last decade we've seen the deer population explode. You can find them in small cities, suburbia and rural towns. While their population grows, their predators have diminished as well as their food supply. So they come looking for a suitable substitution and all too often it's your garden that they have found! Although we could find no definitive studies showing what deer will and won't eat, there is definitely a consensus out there from gardeners of what the best bets might be. There are a few things that we do know: Deer avoid plants with a strong fragrance, irritating textures, or plants that upset their stomachs. With that said, if a deer is hungry enough it will eat anything rather than starve. Below is our list of plants that deer tend to ignore. They are the ones we have noticed the deer never touch in our garden and other gardeners have told us the same. It is a good start and we hope you have the same results. All plants are grown in packs of four with each plant costing as little as $2.65 each!

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Graceful Gardens

Deer Repellent Perennials

Achillea or Yarrow

Sun, Zone 3-8, EASY (to grow), Summer. The easiest of all perennials to grow, they are also most versatile. Their colorful umbels bloom over a long period, tolerate drought, and can be cut for fresh or dried bouquets. They are fragrant, attract birds, and repel deer. It's everything we want in a garden plant.

Achillea Flower Burst Red
240. Achillea Flower Burst Red

A wonderful new blend of vibrant reds, pinks, and violet shades. Achillea is reliable, easy and long blooming; it will brighten most anyone's garden regardless of experience. Plants grow about 2 1/2ft. tall with 2-4 inch umbels and soft foliage. Perennials. 

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Alchemilla or Lady's Mantle

Shade or Part Sun, Zones 4-7 EASY, Summer. This lovely plant produces sprays of chartreuse flowers that make excellent filler in bouquets. A nice foliage plant, you can't help but notice the way the fan shaped leaves collect the morning dewdrops.

Alchemilla Irish Silk
251. Alchemilla Irish Silk

The vibrant spring green color of this plant will make the shady spots in your garden shine. This plant does well in either shade or sun forming neat 18" mounds of velvety leaves. The flower sprays rise up like a cloud over the foliage in June and July. The stems are strong for cutting. Perennials.  

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Aquilegia or Columbine

Sun or Shade, Zone 3-8, EASY, Spring. Delicate and intricate in design, these exquisite springtime blooms dance high above their mounds of lacy foliage. They are an easy way to bring color to the shady parts of the garden and can bloom well into summer. While deer pass them by, the hummingbirds hover ready to perform their pollinating job.

Aquilegia Dragonfly
325. Aquilegia Dragonfly

A classic columbine with long graceful spurs, its abundance of flowers keep the hummingbirds coming over its long bloom period. The flowers are extra large and come in a multiple of sumptuous colors. The plants are of medium height and grow to about 2 ft. Perennials.

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Aquilegia McKana Giant Mix
330. Aquilegia McKana Giant Mix

An ornate, long spurred, jewel of a flower in a festive mix of pink, blue, maroon, red, yellow, rose, and white with contrasting centers. The plants reach 30" tall. Perennials.  

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Aquilegia Nora Barlow Mix
340. Aquilegia Nora Barlow Mix

These traditional cottage garden columbines now come in a new mix of colors including rose, blue, white, and purple. The plants grow to 2 1/2 ft. bearing fully double spurless flowers with fine clover-like foliage. Perennials.  

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Sun or Part Shade, Zone 3-8, Late Spring/Early Summer, Summer. The versatility of this genus is astounding. The large and small dangling or sometimes upright bells come in shades of blue, pink, and pure white with foliage in a variety of habits. Each species provides something special to our garden. Campanula bloom in the heat of summer, add splashes of color for the rest of the season, and are often the mainstay of the English cottage garden.

Campanula Bellringers
350. Campanula Bellringers

Clusters of nodding bells in a range of shades from pale pink to a rich burgundy. They bloom profusely all season even in late October with flurries in the air. The pendulous bells have maroon spotted interiors. Grow to 2ft. tall. Perennials.  

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Campanula Carpatica Blue Clips
370. Campanula Carpatica Blue Clips

The "clip" series are marvelous and durable plants. Their upright 1 1/2" blue bells inundate the mounded 8" tall foliage. The Clips are also excellent to edge paths and driveways and bloom the first year. Perennials.  

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Campanula Carpatica Uniform Blue - NEW!
372. Campanula Carpatica Uniform Blue - NEW!

Another adorable mounding campanula for edging or pots. It's beautiful blue flowers have a long bloom period, continuing into the fall. It's flowers attract butterflies. It grows 8" and spreads 14".

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Campanula Carpatica White Clips
380. Campanula Carpatica White Clips

Same as the blue clips but in pure white. The best part about Clips is they bloom all summer! Perennials.  

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Campanula Chimney Bellflower
385. Campanula Chimney Bellflower

The beautiful blue bells of these Campanulas cluster around the 5 foot tall stalks giving them almost a pyramid like shape and a Latin name Campanula pyramidalis to go with it. They are another easy to grow Campanula with a long bloom time and a no-fuss habit in the garden. Put them anywhere in the back of the border and just let them do their thing!   

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Campanula Glomerata
390. Campanula Glomerata

Dense clusters of spectacular violet blue flowers adorn the tips of the 15-18" tall stems. They bloom June through July spreading 1 1/2-- 2 ft. Very easy self sufficient plants, blooming the first year. Perennials.  

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Campanula Persicifolia Blue
400. Campanula Persicifolia Blue

Large, starry, bell-shaped flowers on 2 1/2 ft. stems over neat and low growing foliage. Long lived and easy to grow, they also make an excellent cut flower. Perennials.  

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Campanula Persicifolia White
410. Campanula Persicifolia White

Pure luminescent white star shaped bells on sturdy stems with the same tidy foliage as the above blue. Perennials.  

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Centaurea Bachelor Buttons

Sun, Zone 3-8, EASY, Late Spring/Early summer. These frilly and flamboyant blue flowers of this perennial cornflower are effortless to grow and are known to repel deer. Sheer them back after the first flush of blooms and be rewarded with more blooms all season.

Centaurea Montana
420. Centaurea Montana

Growing 12" tall and wide with huge corn flower blue blooms. These perennial "bachelor buttons" like sun and good drainage. Perennials.

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Sun, Zones 3-7, Summer. Low trailing plants growing to a about 6-8 inches high. Their silver foliage and white blossoms can cover banks or grow neatly around the edge of your garden.

Cerastium Silver Carpet
430. Cerastium Silver Carpet

We saw a beautiful example of these plants at our neighbors home where the path to their house was lined on both sides by Cerastium with a backdrop of blue Lavender plants. Both enjoy sun and well drained soil. Perennials.  

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Sun, Zone 3-9, EASY, Late Spring/Early summer. These cheery, yellow daisy-like flowers bloom in profusion well above their neat mounds of foliage. So reliable, they are a favorite in our daughter Esperanza's garden.

Coreopsis Sunfire
450. Coreopsis Sunfire

A large flowered coreopsis with single petals and a dark center. Blooms early and in the first year while withstanding the heat of summer. Perennials.  

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Coreopsis Early Sunrise
460. Coreopsis Early Sunrise

Early and long blooming, 18" high plants with 2" semi-double, bright yellow daisies. After the first flush they bloom lightly all summer. Perennials.  

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Dianthus or Cottage Pinks

Dianthus or Cottage Pinks- Sun or Part Shade, Zone 3-9, Late Spring/Early summer; Amazing in their diversity, these old fashioned "Pinks" produce a wealth of flowers with a spicy fragrance.

Dianthus Ideal
470. Dianthus Ideal

These traditional cottage pinks dapple the garden with just the right amount of color. Painted on delicate fringed petals, their vibrant mix of colors includes carmine, crimson, deep violet, pink, raspberry, rose, violet, cherry, and cherry and violet picotee. They bloom early and continuously all summer and withstand hot spells. These are very beautiful and carefree plants. Grow to about a foot high. Perennials.

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Dianthus Sweet William
480. Dianthus Sweet William

The best cut flower we've ever grown, lasting weeks. Enchanting and old-fashioned, we've had many people remembering this one from their grandmother's garden! A rich variety of color, these flowers are beautifully marked with pink and red, bicolored and white; appearing in clusters at the end of a 2' stem. They are especially beautiful in combination with Lupines! Perennials.  

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Dianthus Velvet and Lace – New!
485. Dianthus Velvet and Lace – New!

The gorgeous china pink flowers of dark maroon velvet are fringed in white and emit the sweetest clove-like fragrance. They are long lived in the garden and bloom all summer. They grow to about 12” tall so do well in pots as well especially since they smell so good!

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Digitalis or Foxglove

Sun or Shade, Zone 4-8, EASY, Late Spring/Early Summer. Dramatic and old-fashioned, these tall majestic plants are the heart and soul of cottage gardens.

Digitalis Camelot
500. Digitalis Camelot

Huge tubular bells with speckled throats form lavender rose or cream colored spikes that bloom the first year. Perennial. 

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Digitalis Candy Mountain
510. Digitalis Candy Mountain

The upward facing bells allow a clear view deep inside the speckled pink bells. The stems are extra sturdy and packed with florets that often bloom the first year. Perennials.  

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Digitalis Excelsior
520. Digitalis Excelsior

This is the traditional Foxglove seen surrounding the thatched cottages of England. Four ft. tall with densely clustered bells in shades of pink with highly visible intricate interior bell markings. Perennials.

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Digitalis Primrose Carousal
560. Digitalis Primrose Carousal

We are happy to grow again an old favorite. This moonlight yellow foxglove is a true perennial, lasting years and years in the garden. It's neat mound of foliage sends up stalks of clustered bells for the late spring garden. Perennials.

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Digitalis Silver Fox
563. Digitalis Silver Fox

Another beautiful foxglove with an added bonus: gorgeous silver downy foliage! They are wonderfully reliable and hardy. The palest of pink bells (almost white) with speckled interiors adorn 2 ½ ft stems. They are perfect for your cottage garden. Perennials.

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Digitalis Sugar Plum - NEW!
564. Digitalis Sugar Plum - NEW!

The bells of this new foxglove look as if they are dripping with juices of plums with their deep purple and burgundy throats covered by pink bells. The hummingbirds love them. The foliage is a velvety spring green growing in a rosette.

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 Zones 3-8, Sun, Summer. A cultivated and unique ornamental thistle, having masses of steel blue globular flowers. The blooms attract butterflies and are excellent cut flowers. They grow to 4 ft. tall with each flower on a long stem.

Echinops Blue Glow
610. Echinops Blue Glow

An improved selection with a more intense strong blue color and more compact habit. The deer have shown no interest in this plant. Excellent color choice for mid to late summer. Perennials.  

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Sun, Zone 3-9, Summer/fall. A known herbal cold remedy, Echinacea is also a beautiful pink or white daisy over 4" wide with a dark cone shaped center. The long bloom season is undisturbed by summer's heat and the deer ignore it. After the petals fade, the remaining cone continues to offer an attractive accent to the garden and also serves as food for songbirds.

Echinacea Doubled Decker -
565. Echinacea Doubled Decker -

This new Echinacea "Double Decker" reminds me of the queen wearing a new feathered hat. How and why the new petals come out of the top of the cone as well, I don't understand, but it looks radiant! They withstand hot dry conditions and the deer stay away. They are a long lived perennial with more double blooms the second year.

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Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit-NEW!
566. Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit-NEW!

This summer at the Cornell Botanical Gardens, we were astounded by the vast array of Echinacea in bloom. At last, there were cone flowers in a blazing color mix! Cheyenne Spirit comes in shades of yellow, orange, red, scarlet, cream and white. Plants are extra floriferous, long lasting and drought tolerant. You will want to grace your garden with these exciting new colors that seem to fit in anywhere.

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Echinacea Primadonna
570. Echinacea Primadonna

This prairie beauty was made for the hot dry conditions of summer. Large 5-6" deep colored rosy flowers blossom midsummer to fall. Growing to about 3 ft. tall, they develop long lived dense clumps creating a backbone to the cottage garden. Perennials.  

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Echinacea White Swan
580. Echinacea White Swan

The pure white petals of the bloom are fragrant and attract butterflies and finches very late into the season. Perennials. 

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Zones 3-9, Sun, Easy, Summer/fall. The bright gold and burgundy flowers are excellent garden performers through the height of summer. These easy to grow perennials do just as their common name implies: blanket your garden with vibrant color.

Gaillardia Arizona Sun
620. Gaillardia Arizona Sun

Award winning, thanks to the abundant and huge flowers on a compact plant. Put this in the garden bed or patio pot for vibrant yellow and red all summer through fall. 12" tall. Perennials.  

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Gaillardia Arizona Sun Apricot
622. Gaillardia Arizona Sun Apricot

I love the color of the new Arizona Sun "Apricot". The 3" blooms have soft yellow edges that deepen to a rich apricot center. They are super hardy, drought tolerant, profuse bloomers and lovely with their mother plant "Arizona Sun". Perennial.  

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Sun or Part shade, Zone 4-8, EASY, Summer. A charming small plant with rose like blossoms as they are in the rose family. Their foliage stays low in neat mounds. Flowering stems are sent up during June and July in our garden.

Geum Mrs. Bradshaw
650. Geum Mrs. Bradshaw

A traditional cottage garden plant with semi-double and double 2" glowing red flowers. They grow 1-1/2 ft tall in our garden. Perennials.

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Heuchera or Coral Bells

Sun or Shade, Zone 3-9, Late Spring-Summer. The favorite of hummingbirds, they will spend hours going from one tiny bell to the next. Beautiful plants that are simple to grow with attractive foliage appearing in tidy mounds. Bloom heavily in June and July, and keep sending a few flower stalks up most of the summer.

Heuchera Firefly
690. Heuchera Firefly

Vibrant pink-red flowers 20" above evergreen foliage. Perennials.  

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Heuchera Palace Purple
700. Heuchera Palace Purple

Large ivy shaped leaves that are mahogany red above, And beet red below. Beautiful for their foliage as well as the sprays of white flowers 12" above. Perennials. 

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Sun, Zone 5-7, Summer. Who can resist the beautiful perfume of lavender? Their small blue spikes reach high above the foliage. They can be picked and dried in bunches for a fragrant decoration. A well drained sunny location will make them thrive and keep the deer at bay.

Lavender Hidcote
740. Lavender Hidcote

Midnight blue flowers reaching 1-11/2 ft. tall with a delightful fragrance. Perennials.

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Lavender Munstead
750. Lavender Munstead

A spray of fragrant lilac flowers, 1 ft. high. Excellent for sachets. Perennials.  

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Sun, Zone 4-7, EASY, Late Spring/Early summer. A stunning display of torch-shaped blooms give the cottage garden its spirited appearance. Very dependable in our garden, coming up year after year. The deer ignore them while the butterflies and hummingbirds seek them out. The gallery series offers 2ft tall sturdy plants with densely packed spikes.
Lupines Gallery Blue
800. Lupines Gallery Blue

Shades of blue often with a touch of white. Perennials.

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Lupines Gallery Pink
810. Lupines Gallery Pink

A nice shade of pink often with a dash of white. Perennials.  

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Lupines Gallery Red
820. Lupines Gallery Red

A vivid red that always brings compliments in our garden. Perennials

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Lupines Gallery Mix
830. Lupines Gallery Mix

A random mix of colors. Perennials.  

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Sun, Zone 3-9, Summer. These beautiful feathery spikes make wonderful cut flowers and provide the garden with lots of color from midsummer to late in the season.

Liatris Kobold - NEW!
761. Liatris Kobold - NEW!

I've always love the long lasting feathery blooms of liatris in my garden but this year I wanted a shorter and neater version that would stay put! Growing in a perfect clump of about two feet tall, the Kobold variety accomplished just that.  

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Sun, Zone 4-9, Easy, Summer. These Victorian plants sparkle with magenta flowers and complimentary silvery leaves. Their easy carefree habit encompasses the essence of cottage gardening.

Lychnis Coronaria
840. Lychnis Coronaria

Rosettes of velvety silver leaves give way to the rising 2 ft. flower stalks that bear simple but vibrant magenta flowers. Perennials. 

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Shade or Sun, Zone 4-9, EASY, Summer. These mint family plants put out a spectacular display of flowers July through August and are absolutely irresistible to hummingbirds.

Monarda Panorama Mix
870. Monarda Panorama Mix

Shades of scarlet, red, pink, and salmon with highly fragrant foliage. Perennials. 

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Sun or Part Shade, Zone 4-8. These colorful snapdragon-like flowers bloom all summer with the greatest profusion in June. Vaughns garden catalog of 1891 says, "Perhaps no class of plants are so valuable for producing a mass of bloom during the summer months as these. So grand are they in fact, when massed in beds and border that no words can adequately express their magnificence." They attract hummingbirds and songbirds, help repel deer, and make a great cut flower.

Penstemon Mystica
940. Penstemon Mystica

Deep maroon leaves highlight this plant while sprays of white flowers emerge from thin slender stalks in the middle. Perennials.  

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Penstemon Rondo
950. Penstemon Rondo

At 15" keep these plants close to the front of the border where you can enjoy their many wonderful shades of pink, purple, carmine, and rose bells. Perennials.   

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Sun, Zone 3-7, Spring through Late Spring/Early summer. Stunning in size and brilliance of color, poppies will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Tuck in the back of the border as the foliage will temporarily disappear in summer.

Poppy Fruit Punch
909. Poppy Fruit Punch

Silky ruffled blooms 5 inches across in wild shades of red, hot pink, orange, and plum, all with black centers. They can stand up to all kinds of weather. Perennials. 

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Poppy Great Red
910. Poppy Great Red

Spectacular classic red Poppies that display 8 inch flowers with black centers and tissue paper petals. They stand 4 ft. tall. Perennials.  

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Poppy Pizzicato
920. Poppy Pizzicato

The best new semi dwarf variety and winner of the 1995 Fleuroselect Gold Medal. Flowers range from 6-8" across on sturdy 2 ft. stems that hold up even in windy conditions. Prolific with a color range that includes pale pink to rose, salmon, and scarlet; all with black centers. Perennials.  

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Poppy Plum Pudding - NEW
921. Poppy Plum Pudding - NEW

Here is a beauty we are trying this year! It has lots of great attributes besides this incredible shade of deep pink. For starters, It’s color doesn’t fade and it has extra strong stems There is also a good chance for a second bloom later in the season plus it reseeds.  Perennials   

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 Sun, Zones 5-8, Summer. Potentillas are easy perennials that love sunny, dry locations. Trim them back each spring to promote new growth and more blooms.

Potentilla Monarch's Velvet
991. Potentilla Monarch's Velvet

This is the perfect quick filler for your garden. They are 24" mounded plants with leaves like a strawberry plant. The following year and thereafter it is full of deep wine red flowers with a crimson velvet center throughout the summer. Perennials.  

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Perovskia or Russian Sage

Sun, Zones 5-9. There is no tougher plant out there with the beauty to match. With scented leaves and airy blue flowers, the provide a long season of bloom in the hottest time of the summer.

Perovskia Russian Sage
960. Perovskia Russian Sage

Plant as a group or border in the hot spots of your flower patch and keep the garden color coming. The light blue spikes work well with all the colors of your garden. They grow to about 3 feet and a spread of 2 feet. They are drought tolerant and deer resistant. Perennials. 

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Sun, Zone 2-9, 2-3 ft. tall, EASY, Summer/fall. Excellent perennials for late summer/fall color. Their appearance is neat and blooms are much like the snapdragon in the way they cluster up the stem.

Physotegia Rose Queen
970. Physotegia Rose Queen

A nice clear, deep rose color, exceptionally easy to grow, spreading without being invasive. They love full sun, a well drained site and repel deer. Perennials.  

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Part sun or shade, zones 4-7, Spring. Our Jacobs Ladder has been growing happily in our shade garden for over 15 years. It is a testament to its ease of growth. We have not done anything special to it in all those years and yet it rewards us with clear blue flowers and fernlike foliage.

Polemonium Pearl Blue
990. Polemonium Pearl Blue

Azure blue blossoms for the shady side of the garden. Grow to 16". The pretty green alternating leaflets form a ladder-like pattern. Trim them back and they will bloom again later in the season. Perennials.

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Part Sun or Shade, Zone 5-8, Spring. Blooming in early spring with an amazing array of colors, they beckon the beginning of the warm season to come. Grown in shade, they will bloom all summer and into early winter here in the North.

Primula Supernova
1011. Primula Supernova

These English Primroses love the sun and shade, blooming early and profusely in both! They are a cheerful, colorful and fragrant start to the gardening season and will multiply throughout the years. Their height in bloom is about 10" and the deer never touch them in our garden. Perennial.   

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Sun, Zone 3-9, EASY, Summer/fall. The classic American flower, familiar to all. Beautiful in mass or in small clumps through the garden.

Rudbeckia Cappuccino
1050. Rudbeckia Cappuccino

Vivid yellow blooms with mahogany center rings shower the garden with color all season long. Zone 4. Perennials.  

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Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy –NEW!
1051. Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy –NEW!

In the height of summer, we are treated to vast displays of yellow daisies everywhere. Now along with our traditional yellows comes this wonderful cherry red daisy with a distinctive dark cone. Cherry Brandy will catch your attention in the middle of the border standing about two feet in height or will take your breath away as a mass planting along the garden path. Plants are heat and drought tolerant and will grow in just about any sunny location.  

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Rudbeckia Goldsturm
1060. Rudbeckia Goldsturm

Giant 4"flowers on 2 ft. plants that bloom all season long. Long-lived and hassle-free plants. Favorites for mid to late season color. Perennials.  

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Rudbeckia Indian Summer
1070. Rudbeckia Indian Summer

Enormous 6-9" yellow semi- double and single blooms on 3' tall plants, yet require no staking. Excellent for cutting. Perennials. 

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Sun or Light Shade, Zone 4-9, EASY, early summer. These deep blue spikes provide a sweep of blue early in the garden season and continue to do so over a long period. They are hardy, long lived, and very easy to grow.

Salvia New Dimension Blue
1095. Salvia New Dimension Blue

I've never seen a more vibrant violet blue salvia than this one in my garden. What makes the New Dimension variety extra special is, it doubles as a ground cover, tolerates drought and the deer stay away. For a second bloom season cut it back after the first blooms are done. Perennial.  

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Salvia New Dimension Rose
1097. Salvia New Dimension Rose

This beautiful new meadow sage has long lasting spikes of vibrant rose flowers. They bloom the first year with a compact habit of about 10". They have all the same wonderful habits as the above New Dimension Blue variety. Perennial.  

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These genteel plants provide a profusion of blue or pink spikes creating a truly Victorian ambiance in your garden. The blooms make a sweet cut flower.

Veronica Blue Spires
1155. Veronica Blue Spires

Simply said they are plants after my own heart.  With pinnacles of gentian blue flowers, they grow in the best and worse soils, in hot and cold climates and in wet or dry years. It should be a beautiful weed but instead it stays nicely situated forever in the garden. You will enjoy it during the summer months. Grows to 2 ft. Perennial.  

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Sun, Zone 4-8, EASY, Early Summer. The sweet scented foliage smothered in purple flowers, creeps along the edge of your garden and between stones and walkways.

Mother of Thyme
1140. Mother of Thyme

The sweet aromatic leaves form dense mats for the hot dry places along your garden path and banks. Perennials.  

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Deer Repellent Annuals


The lively and beautiful sky blue buttons, are clustered above strong tall stems. A favorite of ours for cutting, easy to grow, prolific, and a lovely Victorian addition.

Ageratum Blue Horizon- NEW
1225. Ageratum Blue Horizon- NEW

My old favorite is back because it really does everything I want in the garden. The powder blue button blooms grow on 30” strong stems. Cut them for your vase and they still keep coming. We also get lots of butterflies landing on ours especially in the fall during their final migrations. The deer have never bothered ours. Annuals.         

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Centaurea Bachelor Buttons

The brilliant blue of the cornflower is probably the most eye catching flower a cottage garden can have. It is easy to grow and its playful nature make it perfect for the cottage garden.

Centaurea Classic Fantastic
1235. Centaurea Classic Fantastic

The beautiful blue bachelor button gives the cottage garden that dash of fascination and color we are always looking for.  As its name implies, the variety has fantastic shades of blue that are also tall enough for cutting and will reseed like a perennial to keep you in blue blooms for years to come.

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Tall, airy, and graceful,these plants are adorned with huge flower clusters that open daily. They love lots of sun and are drought and heat tolerant. They fill out the back of the border beautifully or can stand on their own.

Cleome Cherry Queen
1240. Cleome Cherry Queen

An excellent cut flower at 3-4 ft. tall in our favorite shade of deep rose. Annuals.  

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Cleome Royal Queen Mix
1250. Cleome Royal Queen Mix

A pretty mix that can include cherry, pink, violet or white. Annuals.

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The huge tubular bells of these old Victorian plants bring fragrant romance back into the garden. Handsome and easy to grow.

Datura Belle Blanche
1280. Datura Belle Blanche

Magnificent pearl white 7 in. fragrant blooms on plants reaching 3 ft. high. Grown 4 plants to the pack. Sometimes called Moon flower. Annuals. 

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Marigolds date back to before Victorian times. The aromatic leaves, feathery and fern-like, also repel deer and many insects. They are exceptionally easy to grow and look beautiful all season long.

Marigold Durango Bolero
1350. Marigold Durango Bolero

Absolutely beautiful colors. 2 1/2" yellow flowers are speckled with red creating constant color for pots, boxes or the garden border. Grows 10-12" tall. Annuals.  

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Marigold Queen Sophia – NEW!
1351. Marigold Queen Sophia – NEW!

A lovely French marigold with russet-red flowers trimmed in a gold that grows so easily in the garden giving a constant flourish of color. The plant is only a foot tall but the flower heads are big and showy at 3” wide. You can find a place for them anywhere in the flower garden or their size makes them ideal for pots as well.  

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Marigold paprika gem – NEW!
1369. Marigold paprika gem – NEW!

This flower is hot! I never knew how beautiful red and orange could be until I saw it on this dainty and profuse petite flower. And the aroma? Well maybe not like paprika but very nice indeed!  

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Marigold Tangerine Gem
1370. Marigold Tangerine Gem

Lemon scented with color of a fresh tangerine that adds vibrancy to the garden or a clay pot. Annuals.  

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Morning Glory

This popular American classic is easy to grow and tolerates low fertility. Let it ramble up a rural mailbox, porch trellis, or lamp post where it smothers the object with large saucer shaped blooms. Grown 4 plants to the pack.

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott
1390. Morning Glory Grandpa Ott

Thank goodness this heritage variety has recently resurfaced. It has shimmering deep blue/purple flowers with a burgundy star at its center. The coloring is truly spectacular. Another wonderful aspect of this flower is that it initiates blooms very early in the season and continues until the frost. Annuals.   

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Morning Glory Heavenly Blue
1400. Morning Glory Heavenly Blue

Large cheerful sky-blue blooms and creamy white throats. Fast-growing, large vines with attractive foliage. Height 8'. Easy to grow. Grows best in full sun. Blooms later in the season and into fall. A classic American favorite. Annuals.  

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This is an ornamental species of tobacco. Sweet smelling, pest-free, the 21/2 " star shaped flowers bloom in profusion all summer long. They enjoy sun or shade and especially the summer humidity.

Nicotiana Only the Lonely
1460. Nicotiana Only the Lonely

Their fragrance is glorious, drifting through the evening air all summer long. Elegant at 5 ft. with multiple white trumpet shaped blooms. Annuals.    

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Nicotiana Whisper
1461. Nicotiana Whisper

A colorful random mix of perfumed bells that bloom profusely all season, even after the first frosts. At 30 inches, they fit nicely in any garden spot. Annuals.   

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Although some consider this a common flower, its American roots go way back to the 1830's and by 1870 the grandiflora types were offered. One of easiest plants to grow, they fill the garden with color all summer long.

Petunia Dolcissima
1531. Petunia Dolcissima

A beautiful name for a flower, meaning, gentle and sweet. The Italians got it right with these prolific ruffled flowers. The plants grow to about 10 inches high so are great for window boxes, baskets, as well as the garden. The color assortment with shades of pinks, yellows and a combination of the two. Annuals. 

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These hardy annuals come in many habits and colors. We've chosen two distinctly different varieties though each has its own remarkable qualities.

Salvia Victoria
1550. Salvia Victoria

Fleuroselect winners for their intense blue-violet spikes on compact plants. They are 18" high and 14" wide. The lovely blue flowers continued to give our garden color right into November. Annuals.  

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Salvia Hummingbird Mix
1560. Salvia Hummingbird Mix

Provides masses of small trumpet shaped blooms that hummingbirds love! A random blend of varietal colors including Coral Nymph, Lady in Red, Snow Nymph and Forest Fire. Grows to 12-15". Hardy in the South. Annuals. 

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Among all the annuals of the cottage garden, this one is the queen. It is so hard to find the tall varieties at nurseries. We offer our favorites for the garden, both grow to 30" tall.

Snapdragons Rocket Mix
1590. Snapdragons Rocket Mix

We chose a mix because all the colors are so beautiful and useful that we could not decide on just a few. Growing 30-36" tall, they are heat tolerant and bloom all summer in a wide range of colors including: Red, orchid, lemon, rose, and cherry. It seems the more we cut, the more they bloom. Annuals.

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Snapdragon LaBella
1592. Snapdragon LaBella

The LaBella has an open butterfly type blossom that gives it a big showy bloom. The branching starts low so it makes a great cut flower and the stems are strong and tall enough for cutting but not too tall to fall over. There's an amazing assortment of colors that include red, bronze, light pink, pink, yellow, white, purple, red & white, lavender, and rose.  

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Hardy annuals with a delicious perfume emitted in the morning, evening, and after a rain shower. They form branching columns of double blooms. Excellent performance in beds and borders as well as for cut flowers.

Stock Vintage Mix
1620. Stock Vintage Mix

Traditionally grown in cooler climes, hence it's frequent use in English gardens. This newly developed form withstands heat so we can enjoy the fragrant blooms all summer. Offered in antique shades of rose, blue, carmine, yellow, red, and lilac Grows a foot high. Annuals.  

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Deer Repellent Delphiniums

A word about Delphiniums and deer. Deer have never eaten our delphiniums and some gardening friends that have high deer pressure have said the same. But many others have said that deer have eaten their delphiniums. As you know, they are our favorites so we think its worth a try. 

Delphinium Belladonna
10. Delphinium Belladonna

These prolific bright sky blue flowers loosely envelope each stem. Belladonna's graceful habit works well with other flowers and colors.  

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Delphinium Bellamosum
20. Delphinium Bellamosum

These large and intense deep blue florets also loosely surround the stalk. Bellamosum's graceful habit and exciting color is eye catching.

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Delphinium Centurion Gentian Blue - NEW!
41. Delphinium Centurion Gentian Blue - NEW!

These are quality spikes, straight, long, thick and strong. Professional growers use them for cut flowers and they are just as perfect for the home gardener. Height is 5 ft.  

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Delphinium Guardian Blue
42. Delphinium Guardian Blue

The Guardian is a quick bloomer and has shorter 3 ft. stems. They are tall enough to show off there beautiful blue coloring but short enough to stand up to the storms of summer.  

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Delphinium New Century Dreaming Spires
44. Delphinium New Century Dreaming Spires

The large colorful flowers of Dreaming Spires have extra thick stems with long lasting qualities when cut. The florets are tightly packed, with some colors having contrasting bees and others not. Their height is magnificent and strong at five feet and belong at the back of the border! Perennial.   

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Delphinium Summer Nights
50. Delphinium Summer Nights

Lovely midnight blue flowers pack this compact and heavily branched delphinium. Bred for better heat tolerance and long bloom time. The delicate lacy leaves complement the flowers.  

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Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark Blue
70. Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark Blue

Steeped in the richest deep dark blue blossoms, these carefree stalks are excellent in the small garden where you want a centerpiece without it being overwhelming. The ones pictured here were in a tiny garden in front of my home. 

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Delphinium Magic Fountain Sky Blue
90. Delphinium Magic Fountain Sky Blue

This is a sky blue gem with blossoms that smother its strong stems. Tall enough to reach above the other flowers yet, they stay upright and are so easy to grow. It's the prettiest of blues and make all other colors, all the more lovely.  

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Delphinium Magic Fountain Pure White - NEW!
100. Delphinium Magic Fountain Pure White - NEW!

This year we are growing the pure white version of the Magic Fountain Delphinium. It's purity highlights all the stunning colors that surround it while illuminating the garden at the same time. 

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Delphinium Blue Lace
112. Delphinium Blue Lace

I love these tall sky blue flowers. Each small flower that clings to the stem can have up to 30 petals making them an amazing delphinium. The center bees can be light or dark and some petals can have just a blush of lavender pink.  

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Delphinium Pagan Purple
120. Delphinium Pagan Purple

This beautiful delphinium color is available again. Large florets, often double, have shimmering dark blue and deep purple petal combinations. Occasionally a white can pop up in this mix. Their strong stems make them easy delphiniums to grow in the garden.  

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Delphinium Royal Aspirations
130. Delphinium Royal Aspirations

Bright royal blue florets with a contrasting white bee envelope the tall strong stems.  

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Delphinium Millennium Mix
140. Delphinium Millennium Mix

Can’t decide what color to choose? Here we have a mixture of open pollinated New Millennium Delphiniums from selected stock. There is a range of colors and flower shapes with magnificently full blossoms. The stalks are stable and strong, grow vigorously, are winter hardy, and are tolerant of warmer and humid climates.  

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Delphinium Pacific Giant Astolat
160. Delphinium Pacific Giant Astolat

These graceful wonders come in beautiful shades of lilac pink and raspberry rose. The soaring stems are covered in blossoms where I like to hide a stake in the cluster for added stability. They are a majestic sight to behold!  

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Delphinium Pacific Giant Blue Bird
180. Delphinium Pacific Giant Blue Bird

Like the beautiful bird, these blossoms are a true clear blue with a touch from the white bee. They soar upward 5 Ft. or more showing off their colors and inviting the butterflies and hummingbirds to join them. It is truly a color for the purist.   

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Delphinium Pacific Giant Blue Jay
190. Delphinium Pacific Giant Blue Jay

When you want your delphiniums to glow with intensity and energy then Blue Jay's strong clear blue and dark bee will do just that. It's another stunning blue from the Pacific Giant Series with majestic height and strong stems.  

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Delphinium Pacific Giant Galahad
200. Delphinium Pacific Giant Galahad

With Sir Galahad of legend known for his purity and gallantry, there is no doubt the breeders of this fine delphinium knew what they were seeing in these pure white blooms. A lovely formality even in the most casual of gardens, they bring out the best in all that surround them.

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Delphinium Pacific Giant Summer Skies
220. Delphinium Pacific Giant Summer Skies

I love the beautiful blue skies and fluffy clouds of a summer day and that's just the color the Pacific Giants Summer Skies captures perfectly. They stand tall in my garden and work well for cutting; then, they will bloom again later in the season. 

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Delphinium Pacific Giant Round Table Mix
230. Delphinium Pacific Giant Round Table Mix

A random mix of any of the colors above

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