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Graceful Gardens Perennials

About Our Perennials

Perennials bloom year after year and there is no need to replant them each year. With planning and garden preparation you can create a blooming perennial landscape for years to come. In the spring, you'll see the perennials green growth coming back.

Each perennial has its own bloom time and many perennials bloom all summer long. You will have a constant succession of perennial blooms to enjoy from early spring through late autumn. We give you bloom times to help you plan your garden.

We've picked the perennials that are easy to grow and fill your garden with an abundance of blooms fast. Most of our perennials will bloom the very first year. Perennials can be mixed with your Delphinium and Annual plant packs in your tray. We are sold out for the season but you can sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know when our plants are available again. Click on any plant below to learn more about them.

Growing Perennials

Because the idea behind growing perennials is to have a garden that comes back every year, it is important to prepare your soil well the first time. It is worth the initial effort to give your plants a good start.

Your perennial plant should be grown in a rich organic matter for the best drainage and nutrients. Always dig a more than accommodating hole for your them. Cover the perennials rootball and press it firmly in. Keep the perennials watered until they are established but don't overdue it. It's a small but worthwhile effort!

Our Perennial Plants​ For Sale

Achillea Flower Burst Red Shades

The brilliant red and bright pink umbels of this Achillea are so easy to grow.

Alchemilla “Thriller”

With frilly chartreuse flowers, Alchemilla will light up your shadiest garden

Aquilegia Heavenly Blue

Delicate and intricate in design, Aquilegia Heavenly Blue’s color is true to name.

Aquilegia McKana Giant Mix

With long tails, Aquilegia McKana Giant is a Hummingbird favorite. 

Campanula Carpatica Blue

The low growing Campanula Carpatica Blue is perfect for garden edging.

Campanula Carpatica White Clips

The upward facing bells of Campanula Carpatica White bloom continuously.

Campanula Glomerata "Clustered Bell Flower"

Tiny purple bells sit on top of the stems of Campanula Glomerata.

Campanula Persicifolia Blue

These porcelain blue flowers of the Campanula Persicifolia cover the long stems.

Campanula Persicifolia White

Pure luminescent white star shaped bells are on sturdy stems with tidy foliage. 

Centaurea Montana

These frilly blue flowers of the perennial Centaurea cornflower are easy to grow.

Cerastium Silver Carpet

The silver foliage and white blossoms of Cerastium makes a pretty ground cover.

Coreopsis Sunfire

Here’s a cheery flowered Coreopsis with single petals and a deep red center. 

Coreopsis Early Sunrise

Yellow rays of sunshine, this Coreopsis has showy, large, double petal flowers.

Dianthus Alpinus

A colorful edging plant, Dianthus Alpinus blooms on low spreading leaves.

Dianthus Ideal

Traditional cottage pinks, Dianthus Ideal dapple the garden with a flurry of color.

Dianthus Sweet William Hollandia

A traditional cottage garden flower, Sweet William is also a great cut flower.

Digitalis Camelot

The huge pink tubular bells of Digitalis Camelot will bloom the first year.

Digitalis Candy Mountain

With upward facing bells, Digitalis Candy Mountain allows an easy view inside.

Digitalis Dalmatian Mix

The earliest blooming, Digitalis Dalmatian comes in a great mix of colors.

Digitalis Excelsior

The traditional Foxglove, Excelsior is the one we see around old cottages.

About Digitalis Primrose Carousal

The moonlight yellow foxglove of Digitalis Primrose Carousel is a true perennial.

Digitalis Silver Fox

With silvery foliage and white bells, Silver Fox Digitalis is a garden jewel.

Digitalis Sugar Plum

The Digitalis Sugar Plum bells were bred with the deepest colored throats of all.

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit

A vibrant mix of colors, Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit brings your garden to life.

Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry

Echinacea Pow Wow has the boldest pink you'll ever find in the Echinacea family.

Echinacea Feeling Pink

A prairie beauty, Echinacea Feeling Pink was made for the hot dry conditions. 

Echinacea Primadonna White

The pure white petals of Echinacea Primadonna White bloom all summer.

Echinops Blue Glow

With steel blue globular flowers, Echinops Blue Glow attracts the butterflies.

Eryngium Bue Glitter

The blue glittering flowers Eryngium Blue Glitter is one of the best cut flowers.

Gaillardia Mesa Bright Bicolor

The Gaillardia Mesa Bicolors are excellent garden performers all summer long.

Gaillardia Mesa Peach

In a pretty peach, Gaillardia Mesa Peach blankets your garden in color.

Gaillardia Mesa Red

With red hot colors Gaillardia Mesa Red perks up the garden where you need it.

Heliopsis Sunburst

A perennial sunflower, Heliopsis Sunburst provides copious amounts of blooms.

Heuchera Coral Forest

Heuchera is a favorite of Hummingbirds. They love to feed on the tiny bells.

Heuchera Palace Purple Flower

With beautiful foliage, Heuchera Palace Purple grows in deep dark shade.

Hollyhock Chaters Double

A classic cottage garden flower, Hollyhock Chaters Double is simple to grow.

Hollyhock Halo Candy

The old fashioned Hollyhock Halo Candy will bloom in your garden the first year.

Lavender Ellagance

Who can resist the beautiful perfume of lavender? Try Lavender Ellagance!

Lavender Hidcote

You can pick and dry bunches of Lavender Hidcote for a fragrant decoration.

Lavender Lavance Deep Purple

Abundantly fragrant, Lavender Lavance will hold its color through the season.

Lobelia Red Cardinal Flower

The vibrant red flowers of Lobelia Red Cardinal are irresistible to Hummingbirds.

Lobelia Great Blue

The summer blooms of Lobelia Great Blue attract butterflies and loves shade.

Lupines Gallery Blue

The torch-like blooms of Lupine Gallery Blue is a choice cottage garden flower.

Lupines Gallery Red

You can count on the Lupine Gallery Red to be a Hummingbird magnet.

Lupine Gallery Yellow

The Lupine Gallery Yellow makes your garden bright and songbirds happy.

Lupines Gallery Mix

Here’s a colorful mix of your Lupine colors for you and the butterflies to enjoy.

Lychnis Coronaria

A victorian plant, Lychnis sparkles with magenta flowers and silvery leaves.

Monarda Panorama Mix

Monarda’s spectacular display of flowers is irresistible to Hummingbirds.

Poppy Fruit Punch

You’ll love the colors of Poppy Fruit Punch when it bursts open in the spring.

Poppy Great Red

Spectacular classic red Poppies that display 8-inch flowers with black centers. 

Poppy Pizzicato

A shorter and stronger version of a Poppy, Pizzicato comes in lovely colors.

Poppy Prince of Orange

Your most traditional Poppy is the Prince of Orange and it’s the easiest to grow.

Graceful Gardens Penstemon Rondo

The Hummingbirds will love the long and tubular flowers on Penstemon Rondo.

Penstemon Twizzle

Like a perennial Snapdragon, Penstemon Twizzle blooms all summer long.

Perovskia Blue Steel

With scented leaves and blue flowers, Perovskia provides a long season of bloom. 

Physotegia Rose Queen

A wonderful cut flower, Physotegia Rose Queen also can fill in a hard to grow area.

Platycodon Hakone Double Blue

Resembling inflated balloons, Platycodon blossom into five pointed stars.

Primula Supernova

Blooming early, Primrose beckons the beginning of the warm season. 

Pyrethrum Robinson Giant Crimson

Pyrethrum Giant Crimson’s charming daisies are large and cheerful.

Rudbeckia Cappuccino

Shower your garden with color all season long with Rudbeckia Cappuccino.

Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy

Here’s cherry red version of Rudbeckia, the classic American flower.

Rudbeckia Goldsturm

The best way to fill up a garden area quickly is with lovely Rudbeckia Goldsturm.

Rudbeckia Indian Summer

The flowers are enormous and Rudbeckia Indian Summer is great for cutting.

Salvia New Dimension Blue

Salvia New Dimension Blue is a really hard worker but you don’t have to do any of it!

Salvia New Dimension Rose

Salvia New Dimension Rose takes the heat and the hummingbirds love the them.

Shasta Daisy Bright Side

The Shasta Daisy is simple and classic and easily fit into everyone's garden. 

Mother of Thyme

The sweet scented foliage of Thyme creeps along the edge of your garden and paths.

Veronica Blue Shades

A genteel plant, Veronica creates a truly Victorian ambiance in your garden

Viola Penny Lane

The sweet faces painted on the petals of Viola Penny Lane cheer the heart with hope. 

Viola Sorbet Mix

Violets, like Sorbet conjures up images of innocent romantic notions from days of old.