Perennials flowers weave the thread of reliability and beauty in the cottage garden. Our perennial plant choices are based on an abundance of blooms, the ease of growing, and their traditional value in the cottage garden. We find that most of our perennial plants will bloom the very first year. We've also added general bloom times for each perennial plant genre. The bloom categories are as follows: Spring, Late Spring/ Early summer, Summer, Summer/Fall. Actual bloom times can vary depending on your zone and seasonal conditions and many plants continue to bloom sporadically through the season. When you buy perennial plants, they are grown in packs of four with each plant costing as little as $2.65 each! Perennial plants can be mixed with your Delphinium and Annual plant packs in your tray.   

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Graceful Gardens

Achillea or Yarrow

Achillea Flower Burst Red Shades - NEW!
240. Achillea Flower Burst Red Shades - NEW!

Achillea is a reliable, easy and long blooming perennial. Its stunning color will brighten your garden regardless of experience. Find out more about Achillea Flower Burst Red Shades here!

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Alchemilla or Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla “Thriller”
250. Alchemilla “Thriller”

The vibrant spring green color of the perennial Alchemilla “Thriller” will make the shady spots in your garden shine. The flower sprays rise up like a cloud over the foliage. Find out more about Alchemilla “Thriller” here!

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Alcea or Hollyhocks

Hollyhock Chaters Double
258. Hollyhock Chaters Double

A traditional and old perennial hollyhock bred in the 1840’s that gave us the first double hollyhock and a new range of colors never before seen. Find out more about Hollyhock Chaters Double here!

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Hollyhocks Halo Cerise
280. Hollyhocks Halo Cerise

These Spectacular new Hollyhocks have large 5 inch single flowers with deep dark cherry centers and bright rose outer petals. Find out more about Hollyhocks Halo Cerise here!

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Aquilegia or Columbine

Aquilegia Heavenly Blue - NEW
328. Aquilegia Heavenly Blue - NEW

It's an apt name for the perfect color blue Aquilegia!  Plant these pretty long blooming Columbine in your shady garden areas where they will light up the dark areas.  Find out more about Aquilegia Heavenly Blue here!

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Aquilegia McKana Giant Mix
330. Aquilegia McKana Giant Mix

Aquilegia McKana Giant provides an extra-long spurred jewel of a flower in a festive mix of colors with contrasting centers. Find out more about Aquilegia McKana Giant Mix here!

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Campanula Bellringers
350. Campanula Bellringers

With clusters of pink and burgundy dangling bells, the perennial Campanula Bellringers bloom profusely all season long. Find out more about Campanula Bellringers here!

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Campanula Carpatica Uniform Blue
372. Campanula Carpatica Uniform Blue

An adorable mounding campanula with beautiful blue cup flowers. Campanula Carpatica Uniform Blue has season long bloom period. Find out more about Campanula Carpatica Uniform Blue here.

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Campanula Carpatica White Clips
380. Campanula Carpatica White Clips

Pure luminescent white star shaped bells on sturdy stems with tidy mounding foliage. Find out more about Campanula Carpatica White Clips here!

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Campanula Glomerata "Clustered Bell Flower"
390. Campanula Glomerata "Clustered Bell Flower"

Dense clusters of spectacular violet purple flowers adorn the tips of this gorgeous perennial Campanula. Find out more about Campanula Glomerata here!

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Campanula Persicifolia Blue
400. Campanula Persicifolia Blue

The large, porcelain blue, bell-shaped flowers of Campanula Persicifolia Blue cover the long strong stems. A long lived and easy to grow perennial, they also make an excellent cut flower. Find out more about Campanula Persicifolia Blue here!

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Campanula Persicifolia White
410. Campanula Persicifolia White

Pure luminescent white star shaped bells on sturdy stems with tidy foliage. Find out more about Campanula Persicifolia White here!

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Centaurea Montana
420. Centaurea Montana

These frilly and flamboyant blue flowers of the perennial Centaurea are effortless to grow and are known to repel deer. Find out more about Centaurea Montana here!

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Cerastium Silver Carpet
430. Cerastium Silver Carpet

Low growing trailing perennial plants, their silver foliage and white blossoms can cover banks or grow neatly around the edge of your garden. Find out more about Cerastium Silver Carpet here!

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Coreopsis Sunfire
450. Coreopsis Sunfire

A cheery large flowered Coreopsis with single petals and a deep red center. The perennial Coreopsis Sunfire bloom early and in the first year while withstanding the heat of summer. Find out more about Coreopsis Sunfire here!

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Coreopsis Early Sunrise
460. Coreopsis Early Sunrise

These perennial yellow rays of sunshine, forming showy double petals high above the foliage, are an easy to grow plant. Find out more about Coreopsis Early Sunrise here!

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Dianthus Ideal
470. Dianthus Ideal

These traditional cottage pinks dapple the garden with a flurry of color. Painted on delicate fringed petals, perennial Dianthus Ideal come in a vibrant mix of colors. Find out more about Dianthus Ideal here!

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Dianthus Sweet William
480. Dianthus Sweet William

Enchanting and old-fashioned, we've had many people remembering Dianthus Sweet William from their grandmother's garden! The best part: Sweet William is the best cut flower we've ever grown, lasting weeks. Find out more about Dianthus Sweet William here!

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Dianthus Arctic Fire
501. Dianthus Arctic Fire

These crystal snow white flowers have a fiery magenta eye that bloom on low spreading leaves. The perennial Dianthus Arctic Fire are a perfect colorful edging plant. Find out more about Dianthus Arctic Fire here!

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Digitalis or Foxglove

Digitalis Camelot
500. Digitalis Camelot

Their huge tubular bells with speckled throats form lavender rose or cream colored spikes that bloom the first year. Find out more about Digitalis Camelot here!

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Digitalis Candy Mountain
510. Digitalis Candy Mountain

The upward facing bells allow a clear view deep inside the speckled pink bells. The stems are extra sturdy and packed with florets that often bloom the first year. Find out more about Digitalis Candy Mountain here!

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Digitalis Dalmatian Mix
511. Digitalis Dalmatian Mix

This new selection of perennial foxglove displays flowers around the stem the very first year and come in a mix of colors. Find out more about Digitalis Dalmation here!

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Digitalis Excelsior
520. Digitalis Excelsior

This is the traditional Foxglove seen surrounding the thatched cottages of England. Digitalis Excelsior are tall with densely clustered bells in shades of pink. Find out more about Digitalis Excelsior here!

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Digitalis Primrose Carousal
560. Digitalis Primrose Carousal

This moonlight yellow foxglove lasts for years in the garden. Its neat mound of foliage sends up stalks of clustered bells for the late spring garden. Find out more about Digitalis Primrose Carousal here!

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Digitalis Silver Fox
563. Digitalis Silver Fox

Another beautiful perennial foxglove with an added bonus: gorgeous silver downy foliage! They have the palest of pink bells, almost white, with speckled interiors. Find out more about Digitalis Silver Fox here!

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Digitalis Sugar Plum
564. Digitalis Sugar Plum

These rich lavender flowers with their intense purple throats are crowded around the tall stems for all to see! Find out more about Digitalis Sugar Plum here!

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Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit
566. Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit

These perennial Echinacea give a spectacular display from midsummer to early fall. They are a hybrid coneflower with petals in the most vivid of colors. Find out more about Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit here!

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Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry
567. Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry

Here’s a real shot of color for you with this wonderful new perennial Echinacea. Its raspberry rose flowers bloom all summer long. Find out more about Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry here!

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Echinacea Primadonna White
581. Echinacea Primadonna White

Here’s a brilliant white Echinacea with giant flower heads to highlight your garden. It’s a perfect companion with any plant in your garden. Find out more about Echinacea Primadonna White here!

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Echinacea Ruby Star - NEW!
583. Echinacea Ruby Star - NEW!

Our new offering of Echinacea has extra large blossoms with bright rosy petals that are more horizontal then other varieties. Find out more about Echinacea Ruby Star here!

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Echinops Blue Glow
610. Echinops Blue Glow

A cultivated and unique ornamental thistle, they have masses of steel blue globular flowers. The blooms attract butterflies and are excellent cut flowers. Find out more about Echinops Blue Glow here!

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Gaillardia Arizona Sun
620. Gaillardia Arizona Sun

Award winning, thanks to the abundant and huge flowers on a compact plant. Put the perennial Gaillardia Arizona Sun in the garden bed or patio pot for vibrant yellow and red all summer through fall. Find out more about Gaillardia Arizona Sun here!

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Gaillardia Arizona Sun Red Shades
621. Gaillardia Arizona Sun Red Shades

The deep red flowers are excellent garden performers through the height of summer. Gaillardia Arizona Sun Red are easy to grow perennials and do just as their common name implies: blanket your garden with vibrant color. Find out more about Gaillardia Arizona Sun Red Shades here!

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Gaillardia Arizona Sun Apricot
622. Gaillardia Arizona Sun Apricot

I love the color of the perennial Arizona Sun "Apricot". The 3" blooms have soft yellow edges that deepen to a rich apricot center. They are super hardy, drought tolerant, profuse bloomers and lovely with their mother plant "Arizona Sun". Find out more about Gaillardia Arizona Sun Apricot here!

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Gypsophilia Snowflake
660. Gypsophilia Snowflake

A cloud of tiny star white flowers bring a delicate balance of soft and bright to the garden or fresh bouquet. Find out more about Gypsophilia Snowflake here!

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Heliopsis Sunburst
681. Heliopsis Sunburst

These perennial sunflowers will provide you with copious amounts of blooms in the heat of summer and beautiful variegated leaves for the rest of the season. Find out more about Heliopsis Sunburst here!

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Heuchera or Coral Bells

Heuchera Firefly
690. Heuchera Firefly

The favorite of hummingbirds, they will spend hours going from one tiny bell to the next. Find out more about Heuchera Firefly here!

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Heuchera Palace Purple
700. Heuchera Palace Purple

Large ivy shaped leaves that are mahogany red above, and beet red below. Heuchera Palace Purple are a beautiful perennial for their foliage as well as their sprays of white flowers that rise 12" above. Find out more about Heuchera Palace Purple here!

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Lavender Ellagance
735. Lavender Ellagance

An early first year bloomer, this heavenly fragrant perennial lavender comes from the Royal Horticultural Society and is a Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner. Find out more about Lavender Ellagance here!

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Lavender Hidcote
740. Lavender Hidcote

Its midnight blue flowers reach high above the silvery green foliage giving off a delightful fragrance. Find out more about Lavender Hidcote here!

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Lavender Munstead
750. Lavender Munstead

Who can resist the beautiful perfume of lavender? Lavender Munstead will give you sprays of fragrant lilac flowers. Find out more about Lavender Munstead here!

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Lobelia Red Cardinal Flower
769. Lobelia Red Cardinal Flower

The long tubular blossoms make Lobelia Red Cardinal Flower a hummingbird's delight. Never have we seen such a pure vibrant red as this flower. Find out more about Lobelia Red Cardinal Flower here!

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Lobelia Fan Blue
770. Lobelia Fan Blue

A vigorous bloomer with blue tubular flowers, Lobelia Fan Blue has a summer long bloom season. Find out more about Lobelia Fan Blue here!

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Lobelia Great Blue
780. Lobelia Great Blue

As the heat of summer comes on, when we need to keep the color coming, we see the gorgeous blue flowers from these lobelias. Find out more about Lobelia Great Blue here!

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Lupines Gallery Blue
800. Lupines Gallery Blue

These Lupines provide you with torch like masses in shades of blue. Find out more about Lupines Gallery Blue here!

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Lupines Gallery Pink
810. Lupines Gallery Pink

These offer masses of pink shades often with a dash of white. Find out more about Lupines Gallery Pink here!

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Lupines Gallery Red
820. Lupines Gallery Red

A vivid red Lupine that always shines in our garden. Find out more about Lupines Gallery Red here!

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Lupines Gallery Mix
830. Lupines Gallery Mix

Can’t decide which beautiful color to choose from? Then try our random mix of colors. Find out more about Lupines Gallery Mix here!

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Lychnis Coronaria
840. Lychnis Coronaria

These Victorian plants sparkle with magenta flowers and complimentary silvery leaves. It is also known as "Rose Campion". Find out more about Lychnis Coronaria here!

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Monarda Panorama Mix
870. Monarda Panorama Mix

This mint family plant puts out a spectacular display of colorful flowers July through August. Find out more about Monarda Panorama Mix here!

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Poppy Fruit Punch
909. Poppy Fruit Punch

These perennial poppies come in silky ruffled blooms in wild shades of red, coral, hot pink, orange, and plum, all with black centers. Find out more about Poppy Fruit Punch here!

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Poppy Great Red
910. Poppy Great Red

The huge satiny red flowers glowing color will catch everyone’s attention. Find out more about Poppy Great Red here!

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Poppy Pizzicato
920. Poppy Pizzicato

This poppy was voted the best new semi-dwarf variety and was awarded winner of the 1995 Fleuroselect Gold Medal. The perennial Poppy Pizzicato is a prolific bloomer with a wide range of colors. Find out more about Poppy Pizzicato here!

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Poppy Prince of Orange
922. Poppy Prince of Orange

The double frilly petal makes it the classic tangerine orange poppy. Find out more about Poppy Prince of Orange here!

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Penstemon Mystica
940. Penstemon Mystica

Deep maroon leaves highlight the perennial Penstemon Mystica while sprays of pale white-rose flowers emerge from thin slender stalks in the middle. Find out more about Penstemon Mystica here!

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Penstemon Rondo
950. Penstemon Rondo

A colorful plant for mid-summer, Penstemon Rondo has loads of tubular flowers. It's the sort of plant the visitors stop to ask you about, the colors and blossoms are so lovely!

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Perovskia or Russian Sage

Perovskia Russian Sage
960. Perovskia Russian Sage

With scented leaves and airy blue flowers, the perennial Russian Sage provides a long season of bloom in the hottest time of the summer. Find out more about Perovskia Russian Sage here!

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Physotegia Rose Queen
970. Physotegia Rose Queen

A neat perennial whose blooms are much like the snapdragon in the way they cluster up the stem. Find out more about Physotegia Rose Queen here!

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Platycodon Hakone Double Blue
980. Platycodon Hakone Double Blue

Such easy flowers to grow, this perennial gives the gardener a lifetime of blooms throughout the height of midsummer. Find out more about Platycodon Hakone Double Blue here!

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Primula Supernova
1011. Primula Supernova

Blooming in early spring with an amazing array of colors, the perennial Primula Supernova  beckon the beginning of the warm season to come. Find out more about Primula Supernova  here!

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Pyrethrum Robinson Giant Crimson
1030. Pyrethrum Robinson Giant Crimson

We selected the perennial Pyrethrum Robinson Giant Crimson for its velvety red daisies that bloom the first season above fern-like foliage. Find out more about Pyrethrum Robinson Giant Crimson here!

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Rudbeckia Cappuccino
1050. Rudbeckia Cappuccino

Vivid yellow blooms with mahogany center rings; they shower the garden with color all season long. Find out more about Rudbeckia Cappuccino here!

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Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy
1051. Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy

Now along with our traditional yellows comes the perennial Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy with a wonderful cherry red daisy and distinctive dark cone. Find out more about Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy here!

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Rudbeckia Goldsturm
1060. Rudbeckia Goldsturm

These are the long-lived perennial and hassle-free traditional black-eyed Susan plants that border homes and gardens everywhere. Find out more about Rudbeckia Goldsturm here!

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Rudbeckia Indian Summer
1070. Rudbeckia Indian Summer

The classic American flower, they are familiar to all.  Rudbeckia “Indian Summer” can be beautiful in mass or in small clumps through the garden. Find out more about Rudbeckia Indian Summer here!

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Salvia New Dimension Blue
1095. Salvia New Dimension Blue

These perennial deep blue spikes provide a sweep of blue early in the garden season and continue to do so over a long period. Find out more about Salvia New Dimension Blue here!

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Salvia New Dimension Rose
1097. Salvia New Dimension Rose

This beautiful new perennial meadow sage has long lasting spikes of vibrant rose flowers. Find out more about Salvia New Dimension Rose here!

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Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy Bright Side
1100. Shasta Daisy Bright Side

These simple and classic perennial daisies fit into everyone's garden. Their big and bold white petals compliment all the other flowers in the garden. Find out more about Shasta Daisy Bright Side here!

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Mother of Thyme
1140. Mother of Thyme

The sweet scented foliage of Mother of Thyme, smothered in purple flowers, creeps along the edge of your garden and between stones and walkways. Find out more about Mother of Thyme here!

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Veronica Blue Carpet - NEW
1157. Veronica Blue Carpet - NEW

Here you have spires of blue flowers to edge your garden with for summer color. They tolerate all the conditions that so often frustrate us gardeners.  Find out more about Veronica Blue Carpet here!

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Viola Penny Lane
1190. Viola Penny Lane

The most adorable perennial violas in colors that my farmers market customers just love. Find out more about Viola Penny Lane here!

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Viola Sorbet Mix - NEW!
1193. Viola Sorbet Mix - NEW!

Exquisitely colored, the Viola Sorbet Mix produces the most cheery flowers for your garden beds, window boxes and pots all summer long. Find out more about Viola Sorbet Mix here.

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